Subsidised Home Modifications

If there is a need for modifications around your home – you or the person you care for may be eligible for government subsidies. Depending on the type of program and your income there may be a fee. Subsidies are often delivered through not-for-profit organisations or private service providers.

An assessment will usually be required to view the home situation, where access is needed, areas of risk and the Assessor (health professional) will provide their recommendation of any modifications required.

People aged 65 and over

People aged 65 and over or their carers can apply for home modifications via the My Aged Care website.

Children and people under the age of 65

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) may fund the design and construction of home modifications as part of a specific, tailored package known as a ‘participant plan’. The NDIS is currently being rolled out across Australia. The NDIS website is a useful resource. You can identify if it is available where you live. You can also check eligibility, for yourself or the person you care for.


The Rehabilitation Appliances Program can assist with home modifications for eligible veterans.

State Funded Home Modifications

Each State Government offers assistance with home modifications for eligible people and carers:


Other Sources of Information that may be Helpful:

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