Rental Property Maintenance

We specialise in the repairs & maintenance of rental properties. We can attend your property as needed to fix all the items on your ‘to-do’ list, or offer ongoing services throughout the year to ensure that your property is always suitably maintained.

We listen and work closely with real estate agencies and property managers to ensure that all repairs and maintenance on your rental property is always carried out in a timely and efficient manner. We respect the tenants privacy and work within with their availability and times.

A1 Building Services will work with you and help you resolve all your rental property maintenance needs.

Our professional team will ensure that your property investment remains in tip top condition.


General Property Maintenance – It could be sliding doors, handles, plaster patching, painting, chipped tiles, fixing a gate, cleaning gutters and everything in between. We can fix it all.

Luxury Home Maintenance – We provide quality workmanship for homes that require specialised repairs and a high level of attention to detail.

Rental Property Vacates – Our team can attend the property after the tenants have vacated and completely empty the property of personal belongings, furniture, rubbish and more.

Rental Property Pre-Sale – You will need your property looking it’s best for all those potential buyers to view. Our team can come in before the property is opened for inspection and fix all items requiring repair – inside and outside the home.

Building Renovations – Larger jobs requiring specialised building knowledge and expertise such as: Kitchen & Bathroom Repairs, Walls, Extensions, Patios, Fencing, Retaining Walls, Asbestos, Storm Damage, Termite Damage & more. We can do it all.

Tell us what you need and A1 Building Services will get it done for you.

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